The Codori Family

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2007 Codori Christmas dinner

Click here to view other pictures of the dinner.

Click here to view the 2007 Codori family happy hour.

Click here to view the program by Col. Dalessandro.

Above, the Citizens Oil Company from the 1920s .... a Codori Company.

Standing L to R: Yolanda MacPherson and Diane Swisher

Seated L to R: Stephen MacPherson, Mike Knapp, Rebecca Delessandro, Robert Dalessandro and Jay "Buck" Swisher.

Standing L to R: Jennifer Cole Statuto and Judy Cole Alder.

Seated L to R: Diana Cole Hilton, Ellen Carter, John Carter, Leo Woerner and Fannie Woerner.

Standing: Bill Cole.

Seated L to R:  Donna Cole, Ed Cole and Janet Cole.

Standing L to R: Bill Codori, Diana Cole and Phil Cole.

Seated L to R: Sylvia Codori, Joanne Griest, Al Griest and Richard Cole

Standing L to R: Richard Robison, Sara Codori Goulet, John Goulet Stacey Codori and Christopher Codori.

Seated L to R: Kimberly Codori Robison, Pete Ricker, Christina Codori Ricker, Tamara Codori and Greg Codori.

 Mike Codori and Mary Codori.

Standing L to R: Richard Boardman, Nancy Codori and George Fisk.

Seated L to R: Laurance Codori, Helen Codori, Evan Codori Boardman and Ann Marie Codori.

Standing L to R: Caroline Marschall, Charles Joseph Marschall, Pat Freed and Cal Morris.

Seated L to R: Yvonne Demele, Agnes Taylor and Mary Morris.

  Standing L to R: Chuckie Strevig, Charleen Group, Rick Pelc, Josie Pelc and Shawnee Knight.

Seated L to R: Edward Strevig, Linda Knight and Ray Knight.