The Codori Family

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2015 Codori Christmas Dinner.

back row L to R: Susan Cole and Jeff Cole
standing L to R: Patricia Puglisi, Diana Brown, Allison Cole Tulio and Louis Tulio.
L to R: Christy Tragoning and Audrey Puglisi

 L to R: Henny Cole, Dave Cole, Phil Cole, Diane Cole, Judy Cole Alder, Diana Cole Hilton, Bill Cole and Donna Cole.

 L to R: Ken Cole, Edward Cole and Janet Cole

Seated back L to R: Richard Boardman, Nancy Codori, Gen Robert E. LeeGeorge Fisk and  Ann Marie Codori

Seated front L to R: Laurence Codori, Helen Codori and Evan Codori Boardman.

 L to R: Steve MacPherson and Yolanda MacPherson.

 L to R:  Kelly Pelc holding Callahan Andrew Pelc, Jamie Callaman Charleen Group, Chuckie Strevig, Diane Swisher, Jay "Buck" Swisher, Josie Pelc,

Rick Pelc and Andrew Pelc

seated L to R: Jim Codori Christopher Codori, Christina Codori Ricker, Pete Ricker, Sarah Codori Goulet, John Goulet, and Greg Codori.

Standing L to R: Kimberly Codori Robison and Stacey Codori.

standing L to R: Barbara Andes and  Mary Lee Flessner.
L to R: John Codori, Blanche Murphy Lenard and Kathleen Berding

 L to R: Edward Kozakowski, Marjie Kozakowski, Bill Codori, Sylvia Codori, Laurence Kozakowski, Chickie Kozakowski, John Kozakowski and Pat Kozakowski.