The Codori Family

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Aidyn Stephen Codori

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Play ball 4/2009

Play ball 4/2009 



Four California Codoris snowed in at Mt. Lassen Calif. 1/21/2008.

Mom and dad Celyn and Greg Codori with their two boys Christopher and Aidyn Codori.

Aidyn 3/2008.

Aidyn with brother Christopher  1/2/2008 

California Adventure  

California Adventure  

Aidyn and his big brother Christopher at California adventure in Anaheim, Calif. 

Aidyn with big brother Christopher Codori 2006.

Christmas 2006

Aidyn with his father Greg Jay Codori.

Aidyn with big brother Christopher Jay Codori.

Easter 2006 

hanging out 6/12/2006



Aidyn at two years old 

Aidyn at two years old

Aidyn with big brother Christopher 

Three generations, five Codoris. L to R: Greg Codori (the father

of the two young guys) Aidyn Codori, Jeff Codori (the uncle to the young ones),

 Christopher Codori, and Bill Codori (father and grandfather to those on the left)

Jan. 31, 2005. 

Aidyn Codori of Antioch, California with his Thanksgiving dinner in hand.

Taken 11/25/2004

Aidyn Codori (1) and Christopher (6) of Antioch, California.

Dec 2004

At 6 months old


Aidyn at 6 months with big brother Christopher


Aidyn at 6 month

Aidyn Stephen Codori's Christening.

L to R, God parents Chris and Annett Pappas and proud mom and dad Greg Codori and Celyn (Pappas) Codori holding Aidyn

at St Timothy Catholic Church in San Mateo, Calif. 5/16/2004


Carol Codori of Arlington VA. on a visit to San Francisco with new nephew  Aidyn.

Aidyn at 5 months

Aidyn at 2 month



Born 1/6/2004 8:08AM in Redwood City, Calif.

6 lbs and 11ozs and 19 long.

Aidyn on day two with me, his grandfather.

The old and the new.