The Codori Family

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Anna Barbara Weigle

Anna Barbara Weigle (b. May 24, 1839, d. March 31, 1902)
Anna Barbara Weigle was born May 24, 1839 in Gettysburg, Adams Co., Pennsylvania604, and died March 31, 1902 in Baltimore, Maryland. She married Jacques Cordary on January 18, 1858, son of Antoine Cordary and Madeleine Scheid.

Notes for Anna Barbara Weigle:
Death: She died suddenly, her death certificate indicates that her illness lasted "1/2 hour". The location of her death is listed "in transit" from one place to another. The New Cathedral Cemetery Records lists place of death as St. Joseph Hospital.

She lived in Galtimore City, MD for 31 years. 
(source: Ann Marie Codori)

More About Anna Barbara Weigle:
Burial: April 4, 1902, New Cathedral Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland 21229 - Section Z, Lot #197 (large monument at the site).
Occupation: Keeping house.

(source: Ann Marie Codori)

More About Anna Barbara Weigle and Jacques Cordary:
Marriage: January 18, 1858
Witnesses: Nicholas Baker & Ann Dorsam.

Children of Anna Barbara Weigle and Jacques Cordary are: 
Mary Magdalene Codori, b. October 23, 1858, Gettysburg. Adams Co., Pennsylvania
Margaret Elizabeth Codori, b. December 19, 1859, Gettysburg, Adams Co., PA.612, d. July 26, 1860, Gettysburg, Adams Co., PA. 0 yrs., 6 months, 10 days old..
Annie Codori, b. Bet. 1861 - 1862, Gettysburg, Adams Co. PA..
Catherine Josephine Codori, b. September 12, 1864, Gettysburg, Adams Co., Pa.
+John Anthony Codori, b. July 7, 1866, Gettysburg, Adams Co., Pa., d. April 6, 1934, Baltimore, Maryland.
Clara Teresa Codori, b. October 16, 1867, Gettysburg, Adams Co., Pa.
Agnes Gertrude Codori, b. March 24, 1869, Gettysburg, Adams Co., Pa..
Daniel J. Codori, b. March 23, 1872, Maryland618.
Emma Frances Codori, b. August 21, 1874, Maryland.
Simon Codori, b. date unknown.