The Codori Family

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Codori's on Two Wheels

(or tricycle)

A new page for any of the relatives on or near a bike (motorcycle or pedal type). If you have a photo you think would be just right for this page then send it to me. Email it or send it to me at the address below, I will return any item you send me for scanning. 

For other bike photos check out my motorcycle web site at:

Bill Codori

732 Howe St.

San Mateo, Calif.


Click here to view a short story about the Codori family's auto business (Central Auto) and it's connection with motorcycles.


Kelly Campbell with his new BMW R1200GS water boxer.

Shelly Campbell with her small but sporty BMW F650.

Shelly is the 2nd grandgrand daughter of Stella Lydia Codori

Alexis Steinmetz on a small dirt bike.

Alexia is the 3rd great grand daughter of Catherine Cordary/ Codori Staub.

Hayden and Hannah non powered bike 2011.


Hayden Harper on his bike. Hayden is the 2nd great grandson of Thorndyke Codori/Cadore.

Dustin with son Devon (at 2) on a scooter 6/2009.

Devon is the great grandson of Edward Gerard Codori Sr.

Katherine Codori-Cram-Featherstone next to a  2001 R1150RT BMW

Kaye is the daughter of John Jay Codori.

Taken 7/19/2010 in Couer d'Alene, Idaho.

Stephen Joseph Quigley #1 center.

Alex Hansen with his Yamaha.


Devon Taylor at 1 1/2.

Susan Thomas Reed with a 2007-8 BMW R 1200 RT.

Susan is the granddaughter of John Jay Codori of Calif.

Nilda Schreiber with a Suzuki Boulevard with sidecar.

Nilda was married to the grandson of Thorndyke Codori/Cadore.

Jennifer Harper on a motorcycle tank about 1982.

Jennifer is the great granddaughter of Thorndyke Codori/Cadore. 

Hannah on a Suzuki Boulevard.

Hannah is the 2nd great granddaughter of Thorndyke Codori/Cadore.

L to R: Phil Cole, Diane Cole and Sylvia Codori at the Harley

factory at York, PA. 12/3/2007

Phil and Diane Cole of Gettysburg 2007

Heaven and Atlanis Angell of Seattle on mom's Sportster, Both bikers are

the son and daughter of Misty Marie Codori pictured below.

Jeffery Michael Codori of San Mateo, Calif.

March 1969.

Jeff is the son of Bill Codori of Calif. 

Misty Marie Codori on her Harley Sportster.

Misty is dressed for the great Seattle weather.


Aidyn Codori and his big brother Christopher Codori with

mom, Celyn, looking on at California Adventure in Anaheim, Calif.


Christopher Jay Codori with brother Aidyn Codori on the back.


Christopher Jay Codori with brother Aidyn Codori on the back.


Carol Codori now living in Guntersville, Al. visiting the Barber Vintage Motorsport Museum and Honda Superbike Classic

in Birmingham, Alabama 4/22/2007.

Alex Hansen on a Moped in Washington D.C.

Alex is the son of Carol Codori. 

Kathy Griest (left) with friend Leslie at the Continental divide while on an 800 plus mile trip.

Kathy is the daughter of Joanne Griest and  the 3rd great grand daughter of Susan M. (Codori) Chrismer of Gettysburg.





L to R: Renee Munns with her mother Elizabeth Gail (Codori) Munns and Sylvia Codori with a 2002 BMW R1150RT.


Renee Munns of Phoenix, Arizona with a 2002 BMW R1150RT.


Aidyn Stephen Codori on his grandfathers 2002 BMW R1150RT in San Mateo, Calif. 

Robert Taylor on his 50s Royal Enfield while attending school in India.

Taken in the early 1990s.

Mary Morris family on a 50s Royal Enfield .

L to R: Cal Morris, Robert Taylor and Mary Morris

Taken in the early 1990s.

Ann Louise Codori Turner is the daughter of Michael Codori of Gettysburg, PA.

Photo taken at Wrightsville Beach, NC, October, 2005.

Michael Kevin Codori is the son of Michael Codori of Gettysburg, PA.

Photo taken at Wrightsville Beach, NC, October, 2005.

Kevin Christopher Turner (pictured above) is the son of Ann Louis  and grand son of Michael Codori (pilot of the bike).

Photo taken at Wrightsville Beach, NC, October, 2005.

David Aaron Turner (pictured above) is the son of Ann Louis  and the grandson of Michael Codori (pilot of the bike).

Photo taken at Wrightsville Beach, NC, October, 2005.

Mary and Cal Morris on a bike trip in Germany 2005

Mary is the great granddaughter of Chaterine (Cordary) Staub.

Biker Bill Codori Stockton, Calif. about 1945.

Once a biker always a biker. 


Yvonne Demele of Menlo Park, Calif.

Yvonne is the Great grand daughter of Catherine (Codori) Staub.

Brian is the 2nd great grand son of Catherine Cordary (Codori)

born in France on the Anthony side of the family. 

Aidyn Codori of Antioch Calif.

Jan 31, 2005

Mike Codori of Rockville, MD. on his new 2004 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide. His new bike is making him hate old man winter.

Andrew (Andy) and Thomas (Tommy) Paclawski of Pittsburgh, PA.

next to Tommy's Bike. Andy and Tommy are the sons of Sandra Lynn (Codori) Paclawski. 

Four California Codoris. L to R: Aidyn (the youngest) Christopher holding his little brother Uncle Jeffery Codori of San Francisco and father of the young guys, Gregory Codori of Antioch.

All four gather around a 2002 BMW R1150RT. 

Charlene (Codori) Thomas of Bend Or. next to

a 1999 Harley Davidson Road King


Ellen (Chrismer) Miller and her husband Jim Miller at Missoula, Montana.

Ellen is the GG granddaughter of Susanne M. Codori of Gettysburg.

 June 2002


Sylvia Codori on a 2004 Haley Davidson Ultra Classic at Auburn, Calif.

Taken 5/30/2004 

Christopher Jay Codori of Antioch, California on a California Highway Patrol Motorcycle, BMW R1100RTP.

Taken 3/15/2004 

Christopher Jay Codori on his grandfathers 2002 BMW R1150RT.


Elizabeth Gail (Codori) Munns of Ione, Calif. and her son in law, Mark Cefalu ready for a ride on a Harley Davidson Road King in the Phoenix, AZ. country side. Arizona is a no helmet state.


Alex (Carol Codori's son) ready to ride on a pre-1963 Sears Allstate (Vespa) with mom acting as training wheels. Photo taken 1985 

Andrew Hansen (Carol Codori's son) and friend Jack on a 1969 Triumph. photo taken 5/20/2001

Martin Bennett Codori on a pre-1921 Military Harley Davidson. Taken 1921 in the Territory of Hawaii.   

 June 2004

Carol Codori while on a ride through the hills of the San Francisco Bay Area. In the background (far right) is the world famous Alice's Restaurant at Sky Londa.


Bill Codori after a ride through Big Sur, Calif. on a 1983 BMW R100RT.

Taken 1999