The Codori Family

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Carroll Eugene (Cal) Morris Jr.

Cal and Mary from theeir facebook page.

L to R: Bill Codori, Cal Morris, Mary Morris and Greg Buchheit. 

Cal and Mary with Cal's sister and brother in law in Tuscany 9/2008 

Cal and Mary on the Saar and Mosel River 9/2008 

Mary and Cal Morris in Hottviller France. 9/2008

2007 Codori family dinner.

Standing L to R: Caroline Marschall, Charles Joseph Marschall, Pat Freed and Cal Morris.

Seated L to R: Yvonne Demele, Agnes Taylor and Mary Morris.

Cal and Mary Morris (end of the table) while on a barge/bike trip through Holland 9/2007.

Cal and Mary Morris on the right with daughter Anna and Nathan Chan in Japan 6/2006.

Mary and Cal Morris in Egypt 3/2006.

Standing L to R: Cathy Marschall, Steve Marschall, Charles Joseph Marschall, Mary Morris, Cal Morris, Yvonne Demele.

Seated L to R: Caroline Marschall, Agnes Taylor.

From the 2005 Codori family dinner.


Mary and Cal Morris on a bike trip in Germany 2005


The family of Mary Morris:

L to R: (standing) Summer and Robert Taylor, Nathan and Anna Chan.

(seated) Mary and Cal Morris


Mary Morris family on a 50s Royal Enfield .

L to R: Cal Morris, Robert and Mary Morris

India 1990s 

Cal and Mary Morris at Mary's brothers house in Ft. Lauderdale Fl.


Cal with brother in law Charles Steinmetz in Fl Lauderdale, Fl.


Cal with brother and sister in law Charles and Dorothy Steinmetz.


L to R: Nathan, Anna, Cal and Mary Morris

Kyoto, Japan 6/2006