The Codori Family

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Charles W. Chrismer

William J. Chrismer family

L to R: William J. Chrismer (son of John E & Susanne (Codori), Albert, Little Richard Chrismer (Charles' son), Charles W. Chrismer,

Bernadine, Mary (McSherry), Rosalia (Smith), Adelaide, Regina, & Mary ChrismerThese are all six of William & Rosalia's children.

The family of Charles W. Chrismer.

L to R: Bill Smith, Helen Spaulding, Adelaide Chrismer, Rosalia Smith, Charles W. Chrismer, Mary Frommeyer, Regina Chrismer.

The children are Joanne Miller, Jean Miller, Mary F. Chrismer, Mark Miller and Dottie Chrismer.

L to R: standing Charles W. Chrismer and Francis M. Chrismer

Two ladies are Rosalie Chrismer and Mary Frances Chrismer

Two standing together are: Francis (left) and Charles right Boy in front is Robert Chrismer (son of Albert).

Charles with 2nd wife Mary Fromeyer.

WW2 draft record