The Codori Family

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House on the Codori farm

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Codori farm house taken 1910.

Same house 5 years later now with concrete walkway.



First three photo were posted on Flicker by civil war photographer.

All were taken 1934.


Photos below were taken Dec 2005 by Sylvia and Bill Codori with a few side by side shots from 1935.


First and second floor of the house

2005 photo.

1935 photo.

2005 photo.

1935 photo.

2005 photo of the kitchen.

Early kitchen cabinet plans. These cabinets would be for the left hand wall in the picture to the left. About 1935

2005 photo.

1935 photo.

Basement of the house with modern central heating.

Two images above are from a descendant of Samuel Sloan, a previous owner of the farm.

Courtesy of Paula Christo.


One shot of the attic of the barn sent to me by Charles Joseph Marschall.

Around the yard