The Codori Family

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David Michael Codori

Mike and Debbie

Mike with daughter Sarah Codori.

Mike with wife Debbie.




L to R: front row Andy Packlowski, Tommy Packlowski, Dorothea Codori, Debbie Codori, Mike Codori, Sandy Packlowski.

L to R Standing: Linda Codori, Greg Codori and Terry Codori. 

Standing L to R: Michael David Codori, Debbie Codori, Mario Villasanta (front) Gianni Franco Villasanta and Alessandro Paredes

Seated L to R: Joanne Griest, Al Griest and  Cristiana Paredes.


Standing L to R: James Cole, Mike Cole, Julie Cole, Cindy Eichorn, John (Ike) Eichorn.

Seated L to R: Katherine Cole, Debbie Codori, Michael David Codori.

From the 2005 Codori family dinner.

Photo taken Christmas day 2002

At the Codori Christmas dinner Dec 7th at the Gettysburg Hotel