The Codori Family

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Devon James Taylor

Devon's web site is at:


Devon with new sister Keira Elizabeth.


Taylor family: Lindsay the mom, Dustin the dad, Devon the big brother and his new little sister Keira Elizabeth.


Devon (at 2) with father Dustin on a scooter 6/2009.


Devon Taylor at 1 1/2. 

Devon 10/2008



Devon with his father Dustin 5 2008.

Devon with mom, Lindsay 5 2008.

Undercover Devon 5 2008.

Just checking 5 2008.


Devon 4/2008

Devon with mom Lindsay 4/2008.

Devon with mom Lindsay 4/2008. 

Edward Codori with great grandson Devon.

Great grandmother Jane Codori with Devon.

Great grandmother Jane Codori with Devon.

Devon at 9 months.

Lindsay with son Devon.

Dustin and Devon.

Lindsay with son Devon.

A happy Devon.

Devon at 7 months old.


Devon with mom Lindsay at his 7 month birthday party  2/11/2008


The sign says it all.

Devon with great grandmother Jane Codori.


Devon Jan - Feb 2008 

Devon with dad Dustin Jan - Fed 2008

Devon with his mom Lindsay Thanksgiving day 2007


L to R: Mary Jameson Schutz, Lindsay Taylor, Dustin holding Devon, Jane Codori and Edward Codori.

At Lindsay and Devons Baptism 12/30/2007 


Lindsay, Dustin and Devon. Early Dec. 2007.

Devon early 12/2007.

Dustin and Devon early 12/2007.

Lindsay and Devon early 12/2007.


Devon early 11/2007

Devon 11/11/2007

Lindsay, Dustin and their son Devon early 11/2007

Devon with mom Lindsay early 11/2007

Margie Nell George, Great Grandmother of Devon. 10/2007 

Amy Taylor, the aunt, with Devon.


Erin Taylor, the uncle, with Devon.


Stu and Lenette Sostmann, friends of

the family, with Devon 10/2007

Friend of Devon's mom Heather Swigart.


Trick or treat time 10/2007 

What big eye you have 10/2007

Smile 10/2007

Devon with his mom 


The family in Las Vegas 9/2007



Devon James Taylor on his first plane ride to Las Vegas

Devon on his way to Las Vegas.


Devon on his way to Las Vegas.


Devon with dad Dustin.


Devon and Lindsay on their plane trip.


Devon at four weeks

At four weeks

At three weeks

Devon with father Dustin

At two weeks

At two weeks

Devon with Mom Lindsay


The new happy family

Father and son

Lindsay waiting for the big moment with mom