The Codori Family

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Dustin Taylor

Keira with mom  Lindsay and dad Dustin. 12/2/2009


Dustin and son Devon (at 2) on a scooter 6/2009.


Taylor family: Lindsay the mom, Dustin the dad, Devon the big brother and his new little sister Keira Elizabeth.




Dustin and Devon at 9 months.


Dustin with Devon 5 2008

L to R: Mary Jameson Schutz, Lindsay Taylor, Dustin holding Devon, Jane Codori and Edward Codori.

At Lindsay and Devons Baptism 12/30/2007


Dustin with his son Devon Jan - Fed 2008



Lindsay, Dustin and Devon. Early Dec. 2007.


Dustin and Devon early 12/2007.

Devon early 12/2007.



Lindsay, Dustin and their son Devon early 11/2007




Trick or treat time 10/2007

The family in Las Vegas 9/2007


Dustin with Lindsay.


Dustin, Lindsay and Devon on their way to Las Vegas.




Dustin and Devon.



The new happy family


Father and son 7 2007



Honey moon shots




June 2005


Dustin and Lindsey married 09/09/2005 in Florida

Jan. 2005


Jan. 2005