The Codori Family

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Elise Josephine Ericksson


From the files of Patti Kehler.

Picture from the web site of Patti Kehler.


From the files of Patti Kehler.

Information posted on Patti Kehlers web site for the family, about 2001.

Notes for Elsie Josephine Ericksson:
Marriage Certificate: Elsie's last name spelled: Erickson
Witnesses: Grace Stevens, Daniel Cadori, George W. Bounds, Minister of the Gospel Kingswoods M. E. Church

Interests: taking pictures with a movie camera, reading, playing canasta (a form of rummy using 2 full decks in which players or partnerships try to meld groups of 3 or more cards of the same rank & score bonuses for 7 card melds. She carried around Golden Nature Books - these had names & pictures of trees, shells, animals, stars, reptiles. She would have me look up a leaf, shell, etc. in them and tell what they were, or have me collect them. She was a Girl Scout Leader at the St. Stephen's Lutheran Church in Wilmington. She was the one who enabled me to receive my Girl Scout badges in nature, campfire, cooking, stars, & hiking. (source: P K Kehler)
She was a good cook. Meals I remember: lamb stew, Swedish pancakes, peach fritters, fried tomatoes, banana fritters, home-made donuts with powder sugar on top.
Always cooking (Alyce Codori White Ulzheimer).

More About Elsie Josephine Ericksson:
Date born 2: 
Burial: Riverview Cemetery, Wilmington, Delaware.
Event 3: Late 1950's: received movie camera, was always taking movies.
Occupation: Postal Clerk, bookeeper in office.
Personality/Intrst: loved to read - went to the Wilmington Library often! Had an inquiring mind..
Residence 2: May 1909, lived at 1618 East 13th Street, Wilmington, Delaware.
Volunteer: Was a Girl Scout Leader - troop met in St. Stephen's Lutheran Church, Wilmington.

From the files of Patti Kehler.

Elise with grand daughter Patti White.

About 1952.