The Codori Family

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George Joseph Codori

George Joseph Codori seated next to his brother Frank X Codori.


Information from Patti Kehler's web site, about 2001.
 George Joseph Codori (b. November 9, 1853, d. July 2, 1937)
 George Joseph Codori (son of Nicholas J. Codori and Susan Mathilda Stambaugh)119 was born November 9, 1853 in Gettysburg, Adams Co., PA., and died July 2, 1937 in San Bernardino, Calfornia120. He married (1) Cornelia Franceanna Florence. He married (2) Mary Velesia Stevens.
 Notes for George Joseph Codori:
 Clippings from newspapers from the past: Source: Catherine Codori Cole, Gettysburg, Pa. "1869 - George Codori, age about 14 years, son of Nicholas Codori, was kicked by a horse in the face, severely cutting it on the left side and breaking the lower jaw. He walked to Dr. C. Hoober's office, where it was promptly dressed, the boy manifesting extra ordinary fortitude. We are glad he is doing well." 
 "These are the dates of our Family, as I copied them from Grandmother Codori's Bible. (Susan Codori? the mother of George J.)
 George J. Codori, Born in Gettysburg, Pa. Nov. 9, 1853
 Cornelia F. Codori, Born Emmitsburg Nov. 2, 1855
 Harry N. Codori, Born Emmitsburg Sept. 25, 1879
 Margeret E. Codori, Born Gettysburg April 24, 1881
 Edgar E. Codori, Born Gettysburg June 25, 1883
 Florence C. Codori, Born Gettysburg Sept. 20, 1884
 Stella L. Codori, Born Gettysburg August 25, 1886
 George L. Codori, Born Hagerstown Sept. 12, 1891"
 Name of person who copied Family Bible: Unknown, maybe it was Margeret Voce, who wrote to Elsie Codori/Cadora in 1938 or Ruth McCarthy (Albert S. Codori's sister) who has the family Bible (not sure if this is the same Bible) - she gave the Bible to one of her daughters (living in Virginia).
 Letter from Margeret (Codori) Voce of 696-14th Street, San Bernardino, California dated February 9, 1938: George Codori, her father, had a brother living there by the name of John Nicholas Codori, who died Dec. 14 of the same year. He is buried next to her father (George) & mother (Cornelia) in the Catholic Cemetery - she bought a "nice marble stone for them".
 George sometimes used the spelling "Cadori".
 Typed letter from Ollie Mae Codori (Bill Codori has original) believed George went to California for 5 years after he left his family when Estella was on the way - he used J.G. Codori.
 More About George Joseph Codori:
 Burial: 1937, Mt. View/Pioneer Memorial Cemetery, San Bernardino, California.
 Burial Plot: Section B-3 Lot 43 A, Size 50x100 N. Beeson Ave., Edgemoor Road and Gordon Avenue in Gordon Heights..
 Ethnicity/Relig.: Roman Catholic.
 Occupation: Enamuler, painter, carpenter.
 Children of George Joseph Codori and Cornelia Franceanna Florence are: 
 Harry N. Codori, b. September 25, 1879, Emmitsburg, PA
 Margeret E. Codori, b. April 24, 1881, GETTYSBURG, Adams County, PA.124, d., San Bernadino, California.
 Edgar E. Codori, b. June 25, 1883, Gettysburg, Adams Co. PA.125, d. 1951.
 Florence C. Codori, b. September 20, 1884, Gettysburg, Adams Co., PA..
 Stella L. Codori, b. August 25, 1886, GETTYSBURG, PA..
 George L. Codori, b. September 12, 1891, Hagerstown, MD127, d. December 1963.
 Charles Francis Codori, b. February 28, 1876, Emmitsburg, PA.
 Children of George Joseph Codori and Mary Velesia Stevens are: 
 Ima Codori.
 Mary Cathrine Codori.
 Daniel Miller Codori, b. January 29, 1898, Baltimore, MD130, d. December 1962, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware.
 Ruth M. Codori.
 Arthur B. Codori, b. May 13, 1892, Baltimore, Maryland131, d. 1918, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware.
 Albert Stevens Codori, Sr., b. January 7, 1897, Baltimore, Maryland, d. January 26, 1981, Woodbury, Gloucester Co., New Jersey.


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