The Codori Family

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Jeffery Michael Codori

Jeff Codori of South San Francisco at a book signing in Hollywood.

Jeff is the author of the Book on silent film star Colleen Moore.

Three generations, five Codoris. L to R: Greg Codori (the father of the two young guys) Aidyn Codori, Jeff Codori (the uncle to the young ones),(the uncle to the young ones),  Christopher Codori, and Bill Codori (father and grandfather to those on the left)

Jan. 31, 2005

Jeffrey was born in San Francisco in May of 1966. He went to school in San Mateo starting at Albion H. Horrall then Bayside Middle School and finally Aragon High. He then went on to collage and graduated from San Francisco State.


Jeff is still single and currently living in South San Francisco. He's working in the field he really likes … photography.


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December 1968


Jeff, March 1969.