The Codori Family

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Jennifer (Cole) Statuto

L to R:

Ken Cole, Marilyn Cole, Kathryn Cole White, Donna Cole, Bill Cole, Jennifer Cole Statuto, Diana Cole Hilton and Judy Cole Alder.


Jennifer with husband Richard.

2007 Codori family dinner

Standing L to R: Jennifer Cole Statuto and Judy Cole Alder.

Seated L to R: Diana Cole Hilton, Ellen Carter, John Carter, Leo Woerner and Fannie Woerner.

Standing L to R: Richard Statuto, Jennifer Cole Statuto, Alison Cole Tulio and Louis Tulio.

Seated L to R: Richard Hilton, Diana Cole Hilton, Bill Alder and Judy Cole Alder.


Standing L to R: Bill Alder, Jennifer Statuto, Diana Hilton.

Seated L to R: Judy Alder, Glenn Martin, Lori Martin, Richard Hilton.

Photos below are from the 2005 Codori family dinner.

Diana (Cole) Hilton and sister Jennifer (Cole) Statuto and Richard Robison.


Sisters Diana Hilton, Jennifer Statuto and Judy Alder of Gettysburg with Sylvia Codori of San Mateo, Calif.


Bill Cole's family L to R: Bill and wife Donna

Jennifer, Judy, Lori and Diana.


William A. (Bill) and Donna Cole and family.


From left  Lori (Cole) Martin, Diana (Cole) Hilton, Donna Cole,

Bill Cole, Judy (Cole) Alder, and Jennifer (Cole) Statuto.