The Codori Family

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Joanne (Miller) Griest

L to R: Bill Smith, Helen Spaulding, Adelaide Chrismer, Rosalia Smith, Charles W. Chrismer, Mary Frommeyer, Regina Chrismer.

The children are Joanne Miller, Jean Miller, Mary F. Chrismer, Mark Miller and Dottie Chrismer.

Mark Miller and his sister Joanne Griest.


2007 Codori family dinner.

Standing L to R: Bill Codori, Diana Cole and Phil Cole.

Seated L to R: Sylvia Codori, Joanne Griest, Al Griest and Richard Cole

Al Griest, Joanne Griest and Richard Cole.

Joanne Griest

Standing L to R: Michael David Codori, Debbie Codori, Mario Villasanta (front) Gianni Franco Villasanta

and Alessandro Paredes

Seated L to R: Joanne Griest, Al Griest and  Cristiana Paredes.