The Codori Family

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John Goulet

L to R: Pete Ricker, John Goulet, Christina Codori Ricker, Rick Robison, Kimberly Codori Robison, Jim Codori, Christoph Codori and Sarah Codori Goulet.

standing L to R: Jim Codori Christopher Codori, Christina Codori Ricker, Pete Ricker, Sarah Codori Goulet, John Goulet, and Greg Codori.

Standing L to R: Kimberly Codori Robison and Stacey Codori.

L to R: Helen Codori, John Goulet, Sara Goulet, Kim Robison, Rick Robison, Laurence Codori and George Fisk.

L to R:

John Goulet, Doris Codori, James Codori, Pete Ricker, Christina Codori Ricker and Kimberly Codori Robison.


L to R:

Greg Codori , Christopher Codori, Stacy Codori, Sara Codori Goulet,

John Goulet, Richard Robison, Doris Codori, Tamara Codori, James Codori,

Pete Ricker, Christina Codori Ricker, Kimberly Codori Robison and Tasha Codori.


L to R seated: Jim Codori, Christina Codori Ricker and Dorris Codori.

Middle row: Tamara Codori, Stacy Codori, Sarah Codori and Pete Ricker.

Back row: Greg Codori, Chris Codori, John Goulet and Kimberly Codori Robison.


2007 Codori family dinner.

Standing L to R: Richard Robison, Sara Codori Goulet, John Goulet,  Stacey Codori and Christopher Codori.

Seated L to R: Kimberly Codori Robison, Pete Ricker, Christina Codori Ricker, Tamara Codori and Greg Codori.

Standing L to R: Carl (Pete) Ricker, Christopher Codori, Greg Codori and Tamara Codori.

Seated L to R: Christina Codori Ricker, Richard Robison, Kimberly Codori Robison, Sara Codori Goulet and John Goulet.


back row L to R: John Goulet Greg Codori, Tamara Codori, Christopher Codori.

Center row L to R: Christina Ricker, Carl (Pete) Ricker, Richard Robison.

Seated L to R: Sara Goulet, James Codori, Doris, Kimberly Robison.

From the 2005 Codori Family dinner.

Wedding day at St. Francis Church, Gettysburg, PA.


John and Sarah (Codori) Goulet


From the Gettysburg Times 2/16/2004