The Codori Family

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Name: John Codori
Birth Date: 28 February 1904
Death Date: January 1973
Issuing State: California
Residence at Death: Concord, Contra Costa, California 94518
SSN: 548-24-0363

John Jay Codori with his first wife Ollie Mae Wolfe of San Bernardino, Calif.


John Jay Codori with first wife Ollie Mae Wolfe and young Katherine.

L to R: Grace Nunamaker (J.J. Codori's second Wife) J.J. Codori and two unknown friends. 1929.

J.J. Codori with third and final wife.

John Jay Codori and Pearl Frances Codori at  Bill Codori's wedding 

7/10/1965 in San Francisco, Calif.


J.J. Codori with his mom Mary Anne Codori in front of their San Bernardino home.


In front of their San Bernardino, Calif. home about 1910.

L to R:  Fred Codori, Mary Anne Codori, John Nicholas Codori and J.J. Codori

John Jay Codori and Pearl Codori (my mom and dad) at a

vacation log cabin near Boulder Creek, Calif, early 1950s

This picture was taken not long after John Jay was born in San Bernardino, Calif. 1904

John Jay with his teddy bear. His granddaughter Rene (Munns) Cefalu still has the bear 

Age 16 

At age 41 in 1945 ... the war years

John Jay Codori in the stroller with two of his sisters Kate Codori and Helena Codori.

1904 San Bernardino, Calif.


Four photos below are from John Jay's schools in San Bernardino, Calif.

B St. School 1912 - 13

B St. School

B St. School 1911 -12