The Codori Family

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Linda Lee (Swisher) Knight

L to R: Linda Knight, Jay "Buck" Swisher, Diane Swisher, Charleen Thompson Group,  Yolanda MacPherson and Steve MacPherson.

L to R: Charleen Thompson Group, Linda Knight, Yolanda MacPherson, Stephen MacPherson, Fannie Woerner and Leo Woerner.

L to R: Linda Knight, Diane Swisher, Charleen Group, Shawnee Knight and Unk.


Standing Josie Pelc and Linda Knight.


At the family picnic in Gettysburg.


L to R: Greg Buchheit, Sandrine Dehlinger, Chucki Strevig, Edward Strevig,

Linda Knght, Ray Knight, Yolanda Swisher and Buck Swisher

  Standing L to R: Chuckie Strevig, Charleen Group, Rick Pelc, Josie Pelc and Shawnee Knight.

Seated L to R: Edward Strevig, Linda Knight and Ray Knight.