The Codori Family

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Lindsay Alexander (Schutz) Taylor

Taylor family: Lindsay the mom, Dustin the dad, Devon the big brother and his new little sister Keira Elizabeth.

Keira with mom  Lindsay and dad Dustin. 12/2/2009

Lindsay with Devon 5 2008. 

Lindsay with Devon 5 2008

Lindsay with son Devon 4/2008.

Lindsay with son Devon 4/2008. 

Lindsay with son Devon at 9 months.

Lindsay with son Devon at 9 months.


Lindsay with son on his 7 month birthday 2 11 2008


L to R: Mary Jameson Schutz, Lindsay Taylor, Dustin holding Devon, Jane Codori and Edward Codori.

At Lindsay and Devons Baptism 12/30/2007

Lindsay with Son Devon Thanksgiving day 2007


Lindsay, Dustin and Devon. Early Dec. 2007.

Devon early 12/2007.


Lindsay and Devon early 12/2007.

Lindsay with son Devon early 11/2007

Lindsay, Dustin and their son Devon early 11/2007


Lindsay with husband Dustin. 

Trick or treat time 10/2007

Lindsay with her son Devon.

The family in Las Vegas 9/2007. 


Lindsay, Devon and Dustin on their way to Las Vegas.


Lindsay and Devon on their plane trip to Las Vegas.


Lindsay with new son Devon



Lindsay with new family 

Lindsay waiting with mom for Devon


Honeymoon pictures

June 2005

Dustin and Lindsey married 09/09/2005 in Florida

Lindsay is the grand daughter of Edward Gerard Codori Sr. of Pittsburgh, PA.


Jan. 2005


Jan. 2005