The Codori Family

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Margaret E. Codori Voce

Margeret E. Codori (daughter of George Joseph Codori and Cornelia Franceanna Florence)193 was born April 24, 1881 in GETTYSBURG, Adams County, PA.193, died in San Bernadino, California. She married Guido A. Voce.

Notes for Margeret E. Codori:
Letter from her to Mrs. Albert Codori, dated February 9, 1938:
Place of residence: 696 - 14th Street, San Bernardino, California.
Elsie (Mrs. Albert Codori) had written her about George Codori.
Margeret was "pleased to hear from Elsie and was at the same time shocked". George & Cornelia had been married for many, many years. They had 8 children: 4 boys & 4 girls. (6 are living at the time of this letter) If George got a divorce and remarried she doesn't know. George left Cornelia "several years ago" . 17 years ago (1921) Margeret went to Wilmington, Delaware to trace George. She found him then and he went with her to Washington, D.C. to live with Margeret's sister. After a while he went back to Cornelia and after that George & Cornelia went to California to live. Margeret was glad because all the years that he was away, they never heard from him. George lived with Margeret after Cornelia died (April 21, 1937) , until he died on July 2, 1937. Her husband took care of the funeral. She was a very small girl when George & Cornelia lived in Baltimore, Maryland. (Margeret was born April 24, 1881) Her Grandmother Codori (Susan Stambaugh), 2 brothers and herself "was with them (George & Cornelia) for a while". Moreover, there were 2 children 1 boy & 1 girl and a little baby that died there (Baltimore, Md.) George had two brothers: Frank Codori lived in Philadelphia and John Nicholas Codori who lived in San Bernardino. She tried to find out about George's family in Wilmington, & she knew he had some property there because she knew he used to pay taxes, however, she was never able to make George talk about it. Margeret was thinking that during the summer of 1938 she would make a trip "back East" and if she did she would like to call of Elsie and Albert and to get to know them personally. She had some pictures of George and would bring them East. 

Had an illegitimate daughter back in Maryland (Ollie Mae) she gave the child up at three weeks. The family that adopted Ollie Mae was named Wolfe. Ollie Mae married John Jay Codori in 1923 (Calf.).

More About Margeret E. Codori:
Residence: February 1, 1938, 696 14th Street, San Bernardino, Calif..

L to R: Ollie Mae Wolfe Codori, Margaret Codori Voce

Center: Kaye Codori Featherstone with her son James Featherstone.

A young Katherine (Kaye) Codori center. L to R: Ollie Mae Wolfe, Margaret Codori Voce and Cornelia Franceanna Florence.

Dec 25, 1929

From the files of Patti Kehler.

From the files of Patti Kehler.