The Codori Family

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Mary Ellen (Kreft) Carter

L to R front to the left:: Cynthia Codori Shultz and Loring Shultz.

Rear of table: Cheryl Codori, Richard Codori, John Carter, Ellen Carter and M. A. Codori. 2014

Nancy Codori, Ellen Carter and John Carter.

From the Anthony branch of the family.

L to R: Joseph Marschall, Caroline Marschall, Steve Marschall, Cathy Marschall, Ellen Carter and John Carter.


Ellen with her mother Elizabeth Kreft.

John and Ellen Carter's family from 2005.

John and Ellen Carter.

L to R: John, Lucy and Henry. Front Center: Mary

2007 Codori family dinner.

Standing L to R: Jennifer Cole Statuto and Judy Cole Alder.

Seated L to R: Diana Cole Hilton, Ellen Carter, John Carter, Leo Woerner and Fannie Woerner.

L to R: John Carter, Ellen Carter and Buck Swisher.