The Codori Family

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Mary Lee Welsh

L to R: Tom Welsh Sr., Kate Berding, Tom Welsh Jr., Frank AndesMichael Flessner, Steve Andes, Barbara Andes, Mary Lee Flessner. 2017

Pat Kozakowski, Mary Lee Flessner, Kathleen Berding, John Kozakowski, Barbara Andes, Chickie Kozakowski and Laurence Kozakowski,

standing L to R: Barbara Andes and  Mary Lee Flessner.
L to R: John Codori, Blanche Murphy Lenard and Kathleen Berding

L to R: Bill Codori, Sylvia Codori, Elisabeth Welsh, Mary Lee Flessner, Herbert Berding, Kathleen Berding, Caroline Marschall and Joe Marschall.


McGinn family dinner 11/7/2008

L to R: Mike Flessner, Mary Lee Flesner Nancy McGinn, Larry McGinn,

Mark McGinn, Annette Szlachta-McGinn, Joe Doto and Karen Marie McGinn.