The Codori Family

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Misty Marie (Codori) Angell

Misty with father Dennis Codori and sister Chrystal Codori 7/2008.

At her summer job of scheduling 2007.

Misty at Emerald downs 5/25/2008.

Misty July 2007

Misty with her two kids Atlantis and Heaven.

Misty off her site.

Misty with her two kids, Heaven and Atlantis

Timi, Misty, Chrystal and Joni 9/14/2007 

Timi, Misty, Chrystal and Joni 9/14/2007

Misty with Timi in the background 9/14/2007

Happy birthday Misty 9/14/2007 

Misty and the gifts 9/14/2007


Misty My Space Site

Misty with her daughter Atlantis.

Misty on her Harley Sportster


Misty on her Harley Sportster


Misty on her Harley Sportster


Misty on her Harley Sportster


Misty on her Harley Sportster


Misty (the mom) with her son Heaven and daughter Atlantis 

Misty with her daughter Atlantis

Misty at the old McDonalds farm in Florida

Misty 4/19/2004

Misty with her dad Dennis Richard Codori

 Chrystal and Misty with their mom Joni and new half brother Charlie Simmons.


Misty with daughter Atlantis 2003

Misty with half brother and sister Little Dennis and Cassy.

Misty with good friend Timi and Atlantis to the far right.




This memorable page shows the writings of some students in Upward Bound who wrote about a place that was special to them. In their stories, they describe the place in general and tell the meaning of it being valuable to them.

Misty Marie Codori
WA upward bound


 Seattle was the first place that I could ever really call home. Although I have lived in many places in the United States, the day I set foot on Washington's soil I called Seattle my home. And for as long as I live, I will never forget this special place I call home.

Although I have lived in many beautiful houses, living in an old apartment is not so bad. I know I do not have to worry about what hotel I am going to stay in, or what and when we will be moving into a new home. For my family, moving could be as far as across the country. And I really do not like changing rooms about every six months, nor do I like changing furniture too. So, for me, my old apartment is next to utopia. I have decided to settle here, if not for good, for a long while.

My uncle and I have grown a garden which I tend regularly; I enjoy doing too. It seems as though my daisies are as colorful as a brilliant rainbow, my bushes of roses have red as deep as blood, and the golden yellow pansies are as bright as the sun on a clear day. I take care of our garden as if they are a part of me for I believe they are living beings just as we are; without them I would not be complete. I enjoy sharing my home with other plants and animals ev

I do not plan to move from my home any time soon nor do I plan to change schools until after I graduate from high school. This is the first time in my life that I did not have to change schools in the first semester of school. Stability for me, now that I have it, seems to have become a very important factor of my life. I have been working "on me" for the past few years now. School had not been important to me for many years of my life but now that I have given it a chance, I do not believe I could part from it willingly. I started at Nathen Hale as a Freshman two years ago and I am going to be a Junior this coming fall. I am going to stick with it and graduate and I am going to do it no matter what it takes. Staying at Nathen Hale all the way through until my glorious day of graduation has been an active wish for me from the day I set foot outside my middle school and was on my way to a newer, bigger and, better school. I am grateful for this stability in my life today, and I am going to take it "one day at a time."

en though sometimes I feel as though I am living in a miniature forest with plants sky-rocketing over my head as high as the ceiling. My home is my castle and I make it that way, comfortable.