The Codori Family

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Codori Pictures Page 2

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 Codori Farm Photos New And Old.

Codori Farm Photo Gallery. 

Hottviller,  France. 

Codori House at 44 York St.

Codori Relatives on Bikes.


A few pictures. If you have any group or family pictures you'd like to share with others send them my way and they'll be posted here.

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Bill Cole's family L to R: Bill and wife Donna

Jennifer, Judy, Lori and Diana.


The family of Mary Morris:

L to R: (standing) Summer and Robert, Nathan and Anna Chan.

(seated) Mary and Cal Morris


The Codori Clan

Robert, Catherine, Richard, John, Marie, Edward and Joe Codori.


Six of the Cole boys from the mid 1940s

Codoris and Coles at their summer camp from the 1950s

The Cole family of Gettysburg mid 1940s

The Hansen family of Arlinton VA. with Tucker. L to R: Alex Hansen, Carol (Codori) Hansen holding Tucker, Andrew Hansen and top center Gordon Hansen.

Feb. 2005


Carol Codori and family mid 1990s


The Leonard Family.

L to R: Andrew, Joseph, Catherine (Damele) and Barry Leonard

Catherine is the 2nd great granddaughter of Catherine (Cordary) Staub.


The John Damele Family.

Shelia and john with son Mathew.

John is the 2nd great grandson of Catherine (Cordary) Staub.


Family of Yvonne (Steinmetz) Damele.

Yvonne is the great granddaughter of Chaterine (Cordary) Staub.

Back row:
Shane (Shannon's younger brother no relation) 
Carol Ducan, Sasha Gorlick, Jessica Gorlick, Shannon Damele, 
Barry Leonard Ian McMillan, with Cameron McMillan 
in front of Ian, Gordon McMillan and Andrew Leonard.
Yvonne Damele, Joe Leonard, Catherine Leonard,  Michele McMillan



Christine Gorlick (center) and her two daughters Jessica and Sasha.
Christine is the 2nd great granddaughter of Catherine (Cordary) Staub.


The Marschall Family.

Charles Joseph Marschall (above to the right) is the 2nd great grand son of Catherine (Codori) Staub.


 L to R:  (son) Mike, (wife) Caroline, (son) John with grandson Joesf and (father) Charles Joseph Marschall.

Taken Christmas 2004.


The McMillan family of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

L to R: Michele (mom), Gordon (dad), Cameron, and Ian.

Michele (Damele) McMillan is the 2nd great granddaughter of Catherine (Cordary) Staub on the Anthony side of the family.

From the Anthony Codori side of the family.

The Corteville Family.

Jeff and Danielle Corteville with their two children Daniel and Anna (in the back pack).

Aug. 2004


The Steinmetz family are descendants of Catherine (Codori) Staub on the Anthony side of the family.