The Codori Family

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Dr. Nancy Codori

L to R: Tim Smith (our guest speaker), George Fisk, Rick Boardman, Laurence Codori, Helen Codori, 2017

Same shot as above with Ann Marie Codori. 2017

Same shot as above with Ann Marie Codori.

L to R: Evan Codori Boardman,.Helen Codori, Ann Marie Codori, George FiskNancy Codori, Richard Boardman and  Laurence Codori.

Seated back L to R: Richard Boardman, Nancy Codori, Gen Robert E. Lee George Fisk and  Ann Marie Codori

Seated front L to R: Laurence Codori, Helen Codori and Evan Codori Boardman.

Latest shot of Hottviller and two Codoris. Dr. Nancy Codori and her son Evan Codori Boardman on thier trip to Hottviller. 3/20/2015

Nancy Codori, Richard Boardman, Laurence Codori, George Fisk, Ann Marie Codori, Helen Codori and Evan Codori Boardman. 2014

Nancy Codori, Ellen Carter and John Carter.

L to R: Namcy Codori Boardman, Richard Boardman, Evan Boardman, Helen Codori, Laurence Codori, Ann Marie Codori and George Fisk.


L to R:

Laurence Codori, Helen Codori, Richard Boardman, Evan Boardman, Nancy Codori, George Fisk and Ann Marie Codori.


Also on the Anthony branch of the family.

Seated: Evan Codori Boardman with mom Dr. Nancy Codori, Richard Boardman.

Standing Helen Codori and Laurence Codori.




Three generations: Helen Codori, Nancy Codori and Evan Codori Boardman.


L to R: George Fisk, Ann Marie Codori, Laurence Codori, Evan Codori Boardman, Nancy Codori, Helen Codori and Richard Boardman.



2007 Codori family dinner.

Standing L to R: Richard Boardman, Nancy Codori and George Fisk.

Seated L to R: Laurance Codori, Helen Codori, Evan Codori Boardman and Ann Marie Codori.

From a family photo 10/23/1999

Photo from the Internet at: 

Nancy with her husband Richard Boardman.

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Nancy Codori, MD, MPH
Instructor of Medicine

Dr. Codori is a Board Certified General Internist and Instructor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University. She graduated from Northwestern University School of Medicine in Chicago, IL in 1990. She holds a Master's degree in public health from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She completed her Internal Medicine internship and residency at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston, MA in 1993. She has cared for adults in many ambulatory and inpatient settings. She provided primary care and inpatient care to adults for 7 years as a staff internist for Johns Hopkins Community Physicians in East Baltimore. She provided urgent outpatient care as a faculty physician for Johns Hopkins Department of Emergency Medicine, Urgent Care from 2000 through 2005. Her most recent position before joining the Johns Hopkins faculty was as physician manager for Chase Brexton Health Services, a federally qualified community health center. Her research interests include rapid HIV testing in emergency departments, MRSA prevalence in emergency departments and depression in medical students.


From the Chase Brexton web site at: