The Codori Family

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Sylvia in Iceland 2017

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Magic waterfalls of Hraunfossar


Snorri's pool

Snorri's pool

Statue of Snorri Sturluson, celebrated for Nordic literature



Deildartunguhver Thermal area

Roadside tomato stand, pay by honor system

Thermal hot springs


Helgafell (Holy Mountain) Hike up the mountain

views from the top of Helgafell


Hike down Helgafell


Stykkisholmur, largest town on scenic Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Yard art

Back side of Norwegian House

Front of Norwegian House


Seals lazing

Seals lazing


Turf House


Beautiful scenery


Having fun

Light House


Waterfalls in the distance

Snow covered glacier



Shark Farm - drying shed

Eiriksstadir Museum, once home lf Erick the Red

Horse farm visit

Godafoss Waterfalls


Namaskard Geothermic area


Natural steam


Lake Myvatn area


Black castles" lava formations of Dimmuborgir



Laufus turf houses,housed from 20-30 people

Church in Akureyri

Pulpit in church

Dalvik preparing for whale watching trip


Looking for whales


1st snoozing whale


 snoozing whales


Cat fish caught by me - held by captain of boat

still moving

crew person starts to clean my catfish


Walk through Botanical Gardens in Akureyri


Lecture at Akureyri collage  on Fisheries in Iceland

Bell Tower at entrance of college


Thingvellir Nation Park



Rift between two tectonic plates - the Eurasian and North Americn

Walking through the rift


Oldest Parliament was formed here, natural amphitheater






Gullfoss waterfalls



Seljalandsfoss Waterfall


Walking behind the waterfall



Black beaches in Vik


Corrugated house common for weather protection


Off road vehicle

Black sand

Glaciers in Vik


Flower growing out of the black lava

Waling through a glacier in Vik


Visit to tomato farm



Geothermal power plant in Helliahwisi


Outside the entrance to the Blue Lagoon

Traffic in Reykjavik

The Pearl

Close up of the Pearl

Items located in The National Museum



Pictured painted by Tour Guide's Great Aunt hanging in the Hilton reykjavik Hotel

Anna's family members hanging in Hilton Rykjavik Hotel


Farwell Dinner


Picture of another corrugated home

Fantastic car found in Iceland