The Codori Family

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Bobby Jo (Mini) Codori

This is a picture Of Bobby Jo (Mini) Codori's family. This was shot at her second marriage to Ron Ford 10/08/2001. Mini and Ron are front row center. Mini has 13 children (two of them adopted) so as you can see, that's why there are so many people in this picture.

Mini unknown date.

top from left to right

Tracy Ford, Heather, Scott, Jamie, Levi Galloway

down one

Spencer Galloway, Parviz Galloway, Brandy Galloway, Gwen Ford holding Amber Ford, Jenn Kimball, Chad Kimball (kinda in back of her), Zabil Galloway

down one more

Nadine Galloway, Rich Delibero holding Tyler Dilibero, Fairlight Galloway, Aria Galloway, Penny Galloway, Farzin Galloway


Geggie Kimball, Justice Galloway, Miles Galloway, Ron Ford, Mini Ford, Jadi Galloway, Danny Galloway holding Corbin Galloway, with Gavin and Kendra Galloway in front.<<<


Information on Mini's 1994 Jeep from the web site below: