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Codori Farm Photos

Click here to view the house on the Codori Farm.

Click here for a 1975 work sheet of the houe on the farm

New U.S. quarter with Codori farm as part of the image

For those who have not read, or now own, the book by Pam Newhouse on the farm, here's your chance to order

one online. Go to the web site below for more information.

And for those who are into cross-stitch designs be sure to check out the Codori farm art page at or by going to the web site of Historically Yours at:

A page from the Gettysburg Daily on the 2010 repair of the Codori barn.


Codori bran roof reepairs. repair 2010

Codori farm as Camp Colt during WWII.

2011 News clipping from the Gettysburg Times on Camp Colt.

Camp Colt tanks school.

more camp colt.


From the Gettysburg Times 7/29/2010

Candle holder used on the Codori Farm. Courtesy of Mary Stenmetz Morris, great granddaughter of Catherine Codori Staub. 

The Codori farm from Mike and Amy Edmonds. 

A view not often seen. Photo courtesy of Nick Venechuk. Please take the time to check Nick's other photos of Gettysburg at:  

For more pictures from Kim please check:

One of the greatest shots of the farm. This is from the Internet and can be found with other photos of Gettysburg at:  

Photo from Carl D. Miller's web site.

One of the best shots of the Codori farm, this is from a post card that was bought in Gettysburg November 2002. The photo was taken by Laverne Louey in 1990 …. Great shot.

From Country Living Magazine Feb. 1988 a shot of the Codori barn with fresh paint but before cupolas were reinstalled.

Barn restored below with cupolas.

Codori farm slaughter house 1944.

Photo courtesy of Joe Marschall.

The group of four photos below were taken form a web site dealing with the trolley system in Gettysburg and south of the city to serve the battle sites.

Close up of the Codori taken from the photo below.


Re: Old Codori barn photo revisited...Posted on: 2/28/2007 7:45:26 PM The real Codori Barn:
This is probably the best picture available of the Codori Farm on the battlefield with the barn on the left. This image is from Brady's "Panorama" taken o/a July 15, 1863.

N. Codori Farm On Emmitsburg Road

Photo from Dave G's posting at:

panorama of photo above.


Old photo from the Internet.

Above is a 1882 shot of the farm just a few years before the big red barn was erected.


Gettysburg by Tipton - View Looking SW Toward Codori House from Emmitsburg Road


Information found on the Internet

ITEM #56848
November 29, 1862
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

GETTYSBURG and vicinity are infested with a gang of incendiaries, who are doing great damage. On Monday night two immense barns, one owned by Mr. Joseph Wible, and another by Coerson & Codori, were both destroyed, with the valuable contents of hay and grain.

The photos below are said to be the Codori barn but it has since been proven not to be so. The first two were from the archives of the Military History Library at Carlisle Pa. with a caption saying it was the Codori barn.

Below is same picture with caption

This picture was sent to me by Rory Pasini of Mass. Mr. Pasini is fast becoming an expert on the subject of the Codori farm and Pickets charge. This photo is from the archives of the Military History Library at Carlisle Pa. A worker at the library told Rory it’s not uncommon for the caption with the picture to be wrong. That could mean one of two things, that is the barn but not on Baltimore Pike or that it is not the Codori barn but that barn is on the Baltimore Pike.

Below is a wide view of the barn above.