The Codori Family

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George L Codori

Photo on the left from Katherine Codori Featherstone and identified by

Patti Kehler who also provided the photo on the right.


From the files of Patti Kehler

information from Patti Kehler's web site, about 2001.

George L. Codori (b. September 12, 1891, d. December 1963)
George L. Codori (son of George Joseph Codori and Cornelia Franceanna Florence) 134 was born September 12, 1891 in Hagerstown, MD, and died December 1963135. He married Myrtle.

Notes for George L. Codori:
Adopted two children: one boy and one girl. 

More About George L. Codori:
Occupation: Owned a grocery store in Smithburg.
Residence: Smithburg,Washington Co., Maryland.
SS Number: 173-03-0112

From the files of Patti Kehler.

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