The Codori Family

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Dorothy Louise (Dottie) Cadore Champbell

Dottie holding great granddaughter Lindsey Ann Ainsworth with granddaughter Courtney Aisworth

September 2013

The big beautiful Cadore family 4/27/2008

L to R: Chad Hamilton, Victoria Hamilton holding James Hamilton, Patty Hamilton, Noah Hamilton standing in front of Patty, Richard Campbell, Barbara Campbell, Katie Campbell holding Emelia Schmidt, Timothy Campbell standing behind, Jennifer Schmidt, Marty Campbell standing behind, David Schmidt with Joshua Schmidt standing in front, Jack Campbell, Dottie Campbell, Jennifer Harper, Hannah Harper, Chris Harper.

A small Cadore reunion in Florida. 3/1/2008

Back row L to R: Martin Campbell, Jennifer Harper, Hannah Harper, Chris Harper.

On Couch L to R: Dottie Cadore Campbell, James Hamilton, Jack Campbell, Victoria Hamilton and Chad Hamilton.

On the floor: Noah Hamilton.

Jack with his wife Dottie Cadore.


Richard Campbell, Patricia Campbell Hamilton, Martin Campbell, Dorothy Cadore Campbell and Jack Campbell.

Taken 11/22/2006