The Codori Family

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Joseph Bernard Codori, Sr.

Joseph (far left) at a Knights of Columbus ceremony.

Joe Codori Sr. Family of Pittsburgh, Pa.

L to R: Harry Padawski, Terri Codori, Fr. Joe Codori, Fr. Jerome Paulk

Standing: Dorothy Codori, Gregory Codori and Joe Codori Sr.


Dorothy and Joe Codori of Pittsburgh, Pa.

Standing L to R:  Mike Codori, Joe Codori, Terri Codori and Greg Codori.

Seated L to R: Mary Codori, James Codori and Doris Codori,


Standing L to R: Joe Codori, Terri Codori, Stephen MacPherson, Yolanda MacPherson, Fannie Woerner.

Seated L to R: Charleen Group, Joanne Thomas, Leo Woerner.

From the 2005 Codori family dinner.


Joe Codori and Terri Codori both of Pittsburgh, Pa.


Parents Joseph B. Codori wife Dorothy W.

and children L to R Sandra, Gregory and Joseph B. Jr.


Joseph Bernard with his wife Dorothy at their 50th anniversary


From the North Hills News Record 11/30/1993

40th anniversary