The Codori Family

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Josephine (Josie) Pelc

 L to R:  Kelly Pelc holding Callahan Andrew Pelc, Jamie Callaman Charleen Group, Chuckie Strevig, Diane Swisher, Jay "Buck" Swisher, Josie Pelc,

Rick Pelc and Andrew Pelc

Click here to view Josie's garden featured in the Gettysburg Times 8/22/2008

L to R seated: Steve MacPherson, Yolanda MacPherson, Fannie Woerner, Leo Woerner and Andrew Pelc.

L to R standing: Josie Pelc, Richard Pelc and Kelly Pelc. 2014

L to R: Josie Pelc, Richard Pelc, Jamie Callaman, Kelly Pelc and Andrew Plec.

L to R: Bill Codori, Sylvia Codori, Josie Pelc, Buck Swisher, Diane Swisher, Andrew Plec and  Kelly Pelc.


L to R:

 Edward Strevig, Chuckie Strevig, Eric Pelc, Jamie Callaman,  Rick Pelc, Josie Pelc, Leo Woerner and Fannie Woerner.



L to R: Josie Swicher Pelc, Christina Codori Fontenot, Cheryl Codori Rowe and Cythia Codori Shultz.

June 21st, 2010.

L to R: Leo Woerner, Fannie Woerner, Josie Pelc, Edward Strevig and Chuckie Strevig.



2009 Codori Christmas Dinner.

L to R: Standing Sylvia Codori, Bill Codori and Josie Pelc.

Seated Kelly Pelc, Andrew Pelc and Richard Codori Cole.

Standing: Josie Pelc and Linda Knight.


2007 Codori family dinner.

  Standing L to R: Chuckie Strevig, Charleen Group, Rick Pelc, Josie Pelc and Shawnee Knight.

Seated L to R: Edward Strevig, Linda Knight and Ray Knight.

Ryan Smith and Josie Pelc.


Standing L to R:   Stephen MacPherson, Rick Pelc and  Josie Pelc

Seated L to R: Yolanda Swisher MacPherson, Jay (Buck) Swisher, Diane Swisher and Jay Swisher Sr.


Standing L to R: Josie Pelc, Rick Pelc, Jay (Buck) Swisher.

Seated L to R: Edward Strevig, Chuckie Strevig, Jay Swisher Sr., Diane Swisher.

2005 Codori family  dinner.




Josie: first row, first on the left.


2006 Apple Blossom Invitational

BABA member Josie Pelc and cheerleading coach Leslie Callahan, part of the concession staff.


Class of 1972

Photo from her school web site at:


From the Gettysburg Times 3/17/2007

From the Gettysburg Times 10/17/1975


From the Gettysburg Times 12/12/1979

from  Evening Sun, Hanover, PA 3/30/2004

Callie Awards honor county's exceptional women' -
United Way of Adams County recognizes those who have devoted time and effort
to community, family and work.

Evening Sun, The (Hanover, PA)
March 30, 2004
Author: ABBY SLUTSKY Evening Sun Reporter
Evelyn Orner said Josie Pelc "has always done wonders."

So Orner was not surprised when Pelc was given this year's Callie Award for education.

Orner, who is 96 years old, was Pelc's first-grade teacher.

Pelc and five other women were honored Monday night at the United Way of Adams County 2004 Callie Awards: A Celebration of Exceptional Women.

The award banquet was held at the Carroll Valley Resort in Carroll Valley.

Each of the women was presented with a Callie vase, provided by Adams County National Bank.

After a cocktail hour and dinner, friends of each woman spoke about the recipients' devotion to their community, families and work.

To receive a Callie Award, each woman must meet five criteria. They must be residents of Adams County for at least five years; demonstrate excellence, creativity and initiative in their fields; demonstrate a significant level of commitment and leadership to professional or community service; work or volunteer for an organization that serves Adams County; and improve the quality of life for others. They can only have received "limited public recognition for their work."

"They're the people who do all of the work for no recognition whatsoever," said Kathy Nelson-Small, president of the United Way of Adams County.


Josie Pelc for education. Pelc, a physical education teacher in the Gettysburg School District, has spent the past 25 years teaching children how to enjoy sports ­ regardless of physical differences.

Pelc, who lives in Biglerville, also teaches reading to the students and uses physical education to enhance academics.

She is also very active in the Biglerville community.

"I love being involved," she said. "I like to put them (her students) in the lead and let them shine." ......................................................