The Codori Family

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William Jay Codori 

L to R: Kate Berding, Herbert Berding, Bill Codori, Renee Cefalu, Sylvia Codori, Carol Codori. 2017

 L to R: Edward Kozakowski, Marjie Kozakowski, Bill Codori, Sylvia Codori, Laurence Kozakowski, Chickie Kozakowski, John Kozakowski and Pat Kozakowski.

L to R: Bill Codori, Sylvia Codori, Elisabeth Welsh, Mary Lee Flessner, Herbert Berding, Kathleen Berding, Caroline Marschall and Joe Marschall.


L to R: Bill Codori, Sylvia Codori, Josie Pelc, Buck Swisher, Diane Swisher, Andrew Plec and  Kelly Pelc.


L to R:

Bill Codori, Edward Kozakowski, Margie Kozakowski, John Joseph Kozakowski, Patricia Kozakowski,

Stephen MacPherson, Sylvia Codori and Yolanda Swisher MacPherson.


L to R: George Fisk, Ann Marie Codori, Helen Codori, Laurence Codori, Sylvia Codori and Bill Codori.


L to R: Bill Codori, Cal Morris, Mary Morris and Greg Buchheit.

2009 Codori Christmas Dinner.

L to R: Standing Sylvia Codori, Bill Codori and Josie Pelc.

Seated Kelly Pelc, Andrew Pelc and Richard Codori Cole.

Seated: Phil Cole, Bill Codori and Sylvia Codori.

Standing: Diane Cole, Gordon Hansen and Carol Codori.


2007 Codori family dinner.

Standing L to R: Bill Codori, Diana Cole and Phil Cole.

Seated L to R: Sylvia Codori, Joanne Griest, Al Griest and Richard Cole

Laurence Codori with grand son Evan Codori Boardman and Bill Codori.

Laurence Codori and Bill Codori.

Bill with sister Elizabeth Gail Codori Munns and wife Sylvia (far left). 2006 

Bill at the Huntsville, Alabama Botanical Gardens 10/15/2007

Standing L to R: Bill Codori, Sylvia Codori, Phil Cole, Diana Cole and Carol Codori.

Seated L to R: Ed Cole, Janet Cole, Debbie Cole and Richard Robison.


Standing L to R: Jeff Edmonds, Bill Codori, Sylvia Codori, Cindy Codori.

Seated L to R; Mary Codori, Mike Codori, Tom Codori, Jean Codori.

From the 2005 Codori family dinner.


Born and raised in San Francisco with only a three year spell away form California while surviving in the Army form 1961 till 1964. Worked for TWA at the San Francisco airport from 1968 till TWA was bought by American Airlines. Worked for AA for six months then retired.

Married Sylvia P. Grima 1965 and had two boys, Jeffery and Gregory. Sylvia and Bill lived in San Francisco for about a year after they were married then moved to San Mateo, Calif (a suburb of San Francisco) in 1967. They have lived in the same house from that time till now.

Sylvia and Bill now have two grandsons, Christopher Jay and Aidyn Stephen.

very young in San Francisco, Calif.

at about two

about 1 1/2

Bill Codori on the right with Gary Pierce. Gary is the grandson of Catherine (Codori) Moore of San Bernardino, Calif.  


Biker Bill Stockton, Calif. about 1945

L to R: Gary Pierce Bill Codori and Tommy Teaford.

Tommy is a cousin of Bill's on his mom side of the family.

Stockton, Calif 1945

Bill with his father John Jay Codori.

Taken in Cucamonga, Calif. 1944

Charlene with her brother Bill and father John Jay Codori.

Taken in Cucamonga, Calif. 1944


Late 40's in San Francisco



Cowboy, 1947 in San Francisco

Me on the left and cousin Tommy of Napa, Calif

on the right.

a cousin on my moms side of the family.


Tommy and I in Napa, Calif. late 40's

1963-4 in Frankfort Germany, U S Army V Corps. 

from left to right: Elizabeth Gail (Codori) Munns, Bill Codori, Half brother Donald Archer and Charlene Yvonne (Codori) Thomas. This was taken at our first meeting with half brother Don.

Left to right top row: Charlene Yvonne, Pearl Francis (mom) John Jay (Dad). front row: Elizabeth Gail and me, Bill. Picture of the San Francisco Codori's.  

1990 passport mug shot.


In the Batmobile Albuquerque Oct 2004.

Also from Albuquerque, photos of me in the Intel Centrino Balloon during the ABQ Balloon Fiesta Oct 2004.



Three generations, five Codoris. L to R: Greg Codori (the father

of the two young guys) Aidyn Codori, Jeff Codori (the uncle to the

young ones), Christopher Codori, and Bill Codori

(father and grandfather to those on the left)

Jan. 31, 2005. 

Bill Codori and Yvonne (Stienmetz) Damele 

Albuquerque 10/8/2005