The Codori Family

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Diane Marie Cole

 L to R: Henny Cole, Dave Cole, Phil Cole, Diane Cole, Judy Alder, Diana Cole, Bill Cole and Donna Cole.

L to R: Judy Alder, Diane Hilton, Bill Cole, Donna Cole, Diane Cole and Phil Cole.


Seated: Phil Cole, Bill Codori and Sylvia Codori.

Standing: Diane Cole, Gordon Hansen and Carol Codori.


L to R: Phil Cole, Sandrine Dehlinger and Diane Cole 7/2008. 

Phil and Diane at home 7/2008.


Phil Cole, Sandrine and Diane Cole 7/2008. 

Standing L to R: Bill Codori, Diana Cole and Phil Cole.

Seated L to R: Sylvia Codori, Joanne Griest, Al Griest and Richard Cole

Diane Cole and daughter Kerri Smith.

L to R: Ryan Smith, Kerri Smith, Diane  Cole and Phil Cole.

L to R: Phil Cole, Diane Cole and Sylvia Codori at the Harley factory at York, PA. 12/3/2007

Phil and Diane Cole of Gettysburg 2007

Diane Cole at the 2006 happy hour at the Gettysburg hotel.

Phil Cole with wife Diane

Standing L to R: Bill Codori, Sylvia Codori, Phil Cole, Diana Cole and Carol Codori.

Seated L to R: Ed Cole, Janet Cole, Debbie Cole and Richard Robison.