The Codori Family

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George Fisk

L to R: Tim Smith (our guest speaker), George Fisk, Rick Boardman, Laurence Codori, Helen Codori, 2017

Same shot as above with Ann Marie Codori. 2017

L to R: Evan Codori Boardman,.Helen Codori, Ann Marie Codori, George FiskNancy Codori, Richard Boardman and  Laurence Codori. 2016

Seated back L to R: Richard Boardman, Nancy Codori, Gen Robert E. LeeGeorge Fisk and  Ann Marie Codori

Seated front L to R: Laurence Codori, Helen Codori and  Evan Codori Boardman.

Nancy Codori, Richard Boardman, Laurence Codori, George Fisk, Ann Marie Codori, Helen Codori and Evan Codori Boardman. 2014

L to R: Helen Codori, John Goulet, Sara Goulet, Kim Robison, Rick Robison, Laurence Codori and George Fisk.

L to R: Namcy Codori Boardman, Richard Boardman, Evan Boardman, Helen Codori, Laurence Codori, Ann Marie Codori and George Fisk.


L to R:

Laurence Codori, Helen Codori, Richard Boardman, Evan Boardman, Nancy Codori, George Fisk and Ann Marie Codori.


L to R: Max, Katie, Ann Marie and George.

L to R: George Fisk, Ann Marie Codori, Helen Codori, Laurence Codori, Sylvia Codori and Bill Codori.


L to R: George Fisk, Ann Marie Codori, Laurence Codori, Evan Codori Boardman, Nancy Codori, Helen Codori and Richard Boardman.

2007 Codori family dinner.

Standing L to R: Richard Boardman, Nancy Codori and George Fisk.

Seated L to R: Laurance Codori, Helen Codori, Evan Codori Boardman and Ann Marie Codori.

Patricia Kozakowski, Helen Bucci Codori, Blanche Marie Murphy Lenard, Ann Maie Codori Fisk,

John Joseph Kozakowski, George Fisk and Blanche Codori Murphy


Ann Marie Codori and her husband George Henry Addison Fisk, III

on their wedding day 10/24/2004 in Baltimore, MD. 

Ann Marie Codori of Baltimore with friend George Fisk at

the 2003 Codori family dinner at the Gettysburg hotel.