The Codori Family

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Yvonne (Stienmetz) Damele

L to R: Anna Chan with Sarah Grace Chan, Yvonne Damele and her two daughters Catherine and Christine.


Center: Catherine Staub with a young Joan Munday.

Standing L to R: Jim Munday, Anna Steinmetz Callahan, Thomas Callahan, Alma Steinmetz,

Fred Steinmetz and Yvonne Steinmetz.

Taken 1945 Colonial Village Baltimore, Maryland. 


Yvonne with her grandniece Hillary Steinmetz.


2007 Codori family dinner.

Standing L to R: Caroline Marschall, Charles Joseph Marschall, Pat Freed and Cal Morris.

Seated L to R: Yvonne Demele, Agnes Taylor and Mary Morris.

Standing L to R: Charles Joseph Marschall, Steve Marschall, Cathy Marschall and Yvonne Demele

Seated L to R: Caroline Marschall, Pat Freed and Agnes Taylor.


Standing L to R: Cathy Marschall, Steve Marschall, Charles Joseph Marschall, Mary Morris, Cal Morris, Yvonne Demele.

Seated L to R: Caroline Marschall, Agnes Taylor.

From the 2005 Codori family dinner.


Yvonne Demele, Caroline Marschall and Charles Joseph Marschall.

L to R: back row Bill Codori, Cal Maorris and Tom Roche

Front row Yvonne Demele, Mary Moris, Jean Roche and Sylvia Codori 

L to R: Yvonne Demele, Mary Morris, Jean Roche and Sylvia Codori


Yvonne with two friends of Gettysburg.

Cal Morris, Mary Morris and Yvonne at the Codori's gift store at #2 York St.

Yvonne with new cousin Sylvia Codori.

Yvonne, Cal Morris, Mary Morris and Sylvia Codori.

The early years.

Yvonne in her TWA uniform 50 - 54 era 

Yvonne with her Mom and Dad Fred and Alma Stienmetz.


Bill Codori and Yvonne (Stienmetz) Damele 

Albuquerque 10/8/2005 

Sylvia Codori, Yvonne (Stienmetz) Damele and Michele (Damele) McMillan

Albuquerque 10/8/2005 

Yvonne Damele with her sister Mary Morris and cousin Sylvia Codori.