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Malissa Marie Humanic

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Malissa race ready. Photo from her web page at:


Malissa with her father Ken's new nephew Devon at two weeks.

Malissa, Ken and Christy in front of the family pet.


Oh yeah? .......Yeah!!!  Ken and Malissa talk with mom at far right.


In this photo Malissa and Dad; Ken, put their heads together to figure out new track strategies.


Malissa at the track 7/2007



Ken Humanic with his daughter at a father daughter dance.

Christy with her daughter Malissa at her dance recital. 

Malissa with her brother Jackson 9/2004.

Malissa with big brother Jackson. 

Malissa Marie age 4

Photo off the internet December 2003.


Malissa at her birthday party August 9th.

Jane and Edward Gerard Codori with granddaughter Malissa Humanic.

Ken Humanic with daughter Malissa with their pro stock car.

Below are photos and a story from the 2007 racing season.

Malissa Humanic, 8-year-old daughter of Ken & Christy Humanic and sister of KHR ProStock driver; Jackson, made her racing début in kart this weekend at Pine Hill Speedway in Shippensville, PA.  She did a fantastic job for her first time on the track, finishing 6th in a 10 kart line-up.  In the below, left photo Malissa and crew member; Destiny take time for a cold drink between races.

It was lots of fun watching her take charge of the track, handling the counter-steering situations as they arose and keeping her head when she slid out.  She never lost her concentration nor did she waiver when racing side-by-side with other competitors.

In her first heat race, Malissa started in the pole position.  This was her first time on a racetrack and she did a really nice job, finishing 7th at the checkered flag out of a 10 kart field.  The second heat race put her in the 9th starting position.  Once again she did a tremendous job of driving the kart, finishing in the 7th place slot.  Starting 7th in the feature race, Malissa had her work cut out for her, but she hung in there, made some good moves and  finished in 6th place for the night!  Well done, indeed, for her first time on the track!  She certainly will be a force to be reckoned with in the racing community!

Dad; Ken, and crew member; Destiny, are shown in the photo left congratulating Malissa for her good run in the first heat race.  Destiny is a valuable asset to the team and we all feel very privileged that she has joined up to help make this race team a success!

Malissa was a wonderful competitor as well as a joy to watch on the track.  We are all looking forward to watching this rising star develop.

Pine Hill Speedway, located in Shippensville, PA., races every other Saturday evening.  Malissa runs in the First Year Rookie class